Whole Light

Nuetral white , the most bright light

1 2

Cool White

Fresh & Cool light

3 4


4-10 Level Brightness adjustable by remote control up to you.


Dimming to 90% of the brightness now in half an hour , Energy-saving and eye-protecting.

100% Brightness 90% Brightness
5 6

Warm White

Leisure and Warm light

7 8

Night Light

Only 1W power consumption

9 10

Sleep mode

Help you go to sleep easily

11 12A

30 Minutes later

Channel Switch

one remote controls two lights

Press the CH1/CH2 button for more than 3 seconds to change the channel and control the matching lights.

270° Beam angle


Lighting evenly & widely

Unlike the downlight. DALEN LED ceiling lamps light with almost 270 degree beam angle. The light diffusion panel and structure design.can lead the light of the LED chips reflect to every comer of the ceiling.

Real Eye Protection Technology

No ripple wave, No screen flash & PF>0.95 Excellent invisible care of the family.

Notes:Using a phone with camera viewfinder watching the lamp at about 15cm distance.

13 14 15a
DALEN lights Other lights

Brightness & CCT adjustable create comfortable and delightful atmosphere


Brightness Adjustable

4-10 level brightness adjustable according to requirements.

1 2 3 4 5
100% 70% 50% 30% 10%

Color Temperature Adjustable

10 level color temperature adjustable according to requirements.

6 7 8 9 10
Cool White Neutral White Middle Slight Warm Warm White

Insect Resistance

No 350nm wavelength that attracts insects.

Enclosed structure prevents insects from entering.

7 1 mosq

Excellent Color-Rendering

Excellent color-rendering performance brings good appetite to you!

Ra < 70 Ra > 85
foud-and-kid_03 food

Wall Switch Function

can aslo change the lighting modes

If wall switch is turned off & on within 2 seconds continuously, lighting states will be changed between three modes - Whole Light, Warm White & Night Light , so that people can aslo switch the commonly used lighting modes without using remote control.

switch 1 switch 3 switch2
light-1 light-2 LIGHT 3
Whole light Warm White Night Light

Life Time > 10 years & Excellent energy saving performance

87% Saving 141£ Less 40 times Longer
Light Types Input Power(At the Same LM) Electricity Fee/Year Life Time
Incandescent Lamp 1111 500W 50W x 10pcs About 162£ About 1.000 Hours
Fluorescent Lamp 111120W 60W x 2pcs About 38£ About 6.000 Hours
DALEN DL-C406T 1111156W x 1 pcs About 21£ > 40,000 Hours


  1. Ceiling light with incandescent lamp, round fluorescent lamp inside respectively comparison to DALEN DL-C406T at the same luminous flux of 5000lm.
  2. In accordance with the daily electricity of 10 hours calculated for one year, and according to the United Kingdom household consumption of electricity fee 0.1061£/kwh standard.
  3. The design life time of the light refers to Luminous Flux decay to 70% of the initial value of the life .

Channel Switch Function

the method to control several lights

Untitled-1 Untitled-2 Setting method example
If the channels of two lights are both on CH1 , we can use one remote to control them together . If we set the channel of another light on CH2 , we can long press the CH2 button of the remote control more than 3 seconds , and then control the light on CH2 .